I’m sitting around waiting to take my second MRI. This is an independent imaging center that the clinical trial people have contacted with to meet all their imaging needs except for the PET scan which is done by someone else.

Anyway, parking is bad here, so I gave myself lots of time. Of course I found a parking spot right away and now I’m bored to tears waiting. Of course they are running late. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could continue playing games on my phone but the battery is almost dead. The sacrifices I make for science.

There are two cameras in the waiting area. I don’t know why. They are funny because the look like smiley faces—two round eyes and a cheeky grin. You notice these things when you are bored. I don’t know if the manufacturer planned this but two cameras in one unit, not only give a wider field to observe but look like but also looks like cartoon eyes. I wonder what it knows that I don’t.

I finally got the MRI—same loud noises that earplugs and headphones cannot really block. You can hear it in your bones. It reminds me of some strange techno music that never takes off. So, I wind up going through techno intro after techno intro with no musical payoff.

Next meeting they will tell my if my brain is still normal/ better that the mystery pill has done no harm.