Alzheimer’s Study

My blood pressure is normal! Best side effect ever. I have struggled with low blood pressure all my life, the kind of stand-up-too-fast-and-faint blood pressure. I continue reading
My rational brain has looked at the odds and decided to be proactive and not worry about the far future. I’m not sure my body continue reading
This was the day that I met with the doctor. This was the day that I found out if I qualified for the study, if continue reading
This is the big one, the PET scan, the one that tells me if I have plaques and tangles in my brain. I am anxious. continue reading
The next phase of the study is to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of my head. Bear in mind, I’m not yet in the continue reading
ALZHIEMER’S STUDY, THIRD MEETING So I finished the neuropsych test. I’ve taken them before. The first was after we had to place my mother in a continue reading
I have had my second meeting with the UT people running the clinical trial in this part of the world. It’s a huge study and continue reading
Every woman in my immediate family who manages to live to age 75 has developed Alzheimers disease. So far both my aunts and their mother continue reading