Alzheimer’s Study Number 14

Well now here’s a pickle. Christine, my case manager, called the day before Thanksgiving. Sadly, this was not to wish me a happy holiday. She told me that there was a conference in Barcelona. One of the goals of the conference was to allow researchers to share information. Two researchers shared their failures and why […]

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Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Number 12

I am in another ALZ study. This is an actual longitudinal study—no mystery pill or mystery procedure. They just contact me once a year and give me a cognitive test. I just took the first one. In many respects, I have a remarkable memory. In other respects, my memory is terrible. I never remember the […]

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Alzheimer’s Clinical trial entries 9, 10 and 11

NUMBER 9 I no longer qualify for long term care insurance. If I had applied last year—no problem. Now, the agent I was discussing this with practically had a heart attack over the phone. She halfway counseled me to withhold information about the clinical trial without coming right out and saying, “Don’t tell.”  According to […]

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The Best Villains

  A friend of mine was looking for a suitable villain for her story and sent out a FB request for ideas. Aside from “My HOA President,” none of the suggestions she received were particularly interesting. So I started thinking. What makes a good villain? Of course, I went to the literature. Who has already […]

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