Alzheimer’s Study

ALZHIEMER’S STUDY, THIRD MEETING So I finished the neuropsych test. I’ve taken them before. The first was after we had to place my mother in

I have had my second meeting with the UT people running the clinical trial in this part of the world. It’s a huge study and

Every woman in my immediate family who manages to live to age 75 has developed Alzheimers disease. So far both my aunts and their mother

On the day the world ended, Tianna walked home from school just as she had always done in the fabled glass and crystal city of

Broken Things was conceived in a conversation over lunch with Edward Albee, my teacher at University of Houston. He had told me that I was

The Services of Women was performed in April of 1999 at Stages Repertory Theatre in Houston, Texas as part of Edward Albee’s New Playwrights Series.

I don’t need a pet. I have a robot vacuum cleaner. Since all pets have names, mine is called Suckie Vacunna. The “Suckie” part is

Adam has been a part of Special Olympics since high school. He has done track and field, bowling, bocci, softball and basketball but the one

Since I wrote about Adam the last time, I should introduce David this time. After all, he did introduce me to blogging in the first

This is my first entry in my blog so I wanted to talk about something big from my life. This happened severak years ago, nevertheless