Alzheimer’s Study

Well now here’s a pickle. Christine, my case manager, called the day before Thanksgiving. Sadly, this was not to wish me a happy holiday. She

I’m sitting in an office at the clinical trial location bored out of my mind. The battery on my phone is low so I can’t

I am in another ALZ study. This is an actual longitudinal study—no mystery pill or mystery procedure. They just contact me once a year and

NUMBER 9 I no longer qualify for long term care insurance. If I had applied last year—no problem. Now, the agent I was discussing this

  A friend of mine was looking for a suitable villain for her story and sent out a FB request for ideas. Aside from “My

My blood pressure is normal! Best side effect ever. I have struggled with low blood pressure all my life, the kind of stand-up-too-fast-and-faint blood pressure.

A long time ago, I was lucky enough to take one playwrighting course and two play production courses from Edward Albee when he taught at

My rational brain has looked at the odds and decided to be proactive and not worry about the far future. I’m not sure my body

This was the day that I met with the doctor. This was the day that I found out if I qualified for the study, if

This is the big one, the PET scan, the one that tells me if I have plaques and tangles in my brain. I am anxious.

Have you ever reached a moment while reading a story when you suddenly stop and say to yourself, “Wait! Pay attention. This is important.” Something

The next phase of the study is to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of my head. Bear in mind, I’m not yet in the